JS-6200係高精度、多功能、雙顯示扭力量測控制器,本控制器針對應變規式感測器而設計,有絕佳之穩定性,採用快速類比數位轉換器,最高取樣速度可達每秒500次 ; 內部解析度高達100萬,顯示解析度可達2萬,具有2組6位數LED顯示螢幕,將量測值與設定值分開,始量測數值與設定值易於分辨及設定,有20個指示燈,隨時顯示其工作狀態,並具備5種常用之單位轉換,特別設計的第一高點保持及自動復歸功能,使量測自動循環啟動,具有4組設定警報輸出,類比及RS-232或RS-485數位輸出介面,易於與電腦或PLC連線。

JS-6200 is a high qulity and high precision dual-display load measuring controller. It is special designer for strain gage torque sensor, processed excellent stablity. It adopts high frequency A/D converter and sampling rate is up to 500 Hz ; The internal resolution of JS-6200 is up to 1000000 count ; And the display resolution is up to 20000 count . There are two five digital led display sets to separate measurement value and alarm setting value and it would be helpful for alarm setting and measurement data display. Special designed first peak hold and auto reset function make measurement automatically restart and cyclely proceed. It have 20 guiding lightts for working conditions index, 5 general used unit converting , 4 setting alarms outputs, analog and RS-232 or RS-485 digital output interface. That makes it easy to connecring to computer or PLC.


顯示範圍 Display range
-9999 to 99999
解析度 Diaplay resolution
荷重元加載電壓 Loadcell excitation
DC 7.5V
驅動荷重元能力 Load current Max.115mA(4x350 ohm loadcell)
輸入範圍 Inpt range (full scale)
線性度 Non-linearity
顯示增量 Display increment
小數點位置 Decimal point
A/D取樣速率(最快速) Conversion rate
功能 Fnctions
面板顯示內容 Front panel Annunciators(LED) Zero,Peak,Hold,kg 1b,Nt,kN,g,Auto Reset,Power,AL1-AL4,SET1-SET4
電源 Power
Ac 110-220v 50/60 Hz
使用溫度 Operating temperature
環境溼度 Operating humidity 95%RH MAX.(non condensing)
類比輸出 Analog output ..+/-5V OR 4-20mA
串列輸出 Serial information RS-232C OR RS-485
警報輸出驅動能力 Alarm output : 0-non,V-5V, A-4-20mA Max.80mA(220V AC or DC)
訂購編號 Ordering information JS320-AO-DO-N-C