ML 荷重元係高精度力量感測器,使用應變規為感測元件,變形量 小,精度高;所有感測電路均藏於金屬彈性體內,完全密封保護,不 受外界干擾,穩定性高;具以下之特點: ML Loadcell is a precision and small loadcell. It is compact and small. The sensing eleam is imbedded inside the structure and hermetically sealed. It is ideally used in force control machine, scales and general weight measurement.

特點 Feature:

高精度 Precision
剛性強 Rigid
溫度補償 Thermally compensated
整體密封保護 Hermetically Sealed

型號 Type :ML-2.5,5,10,25,50,100,250,500,1t , 2t, 3t, 5t kg

安裝尺寸(Installation Dimensions):

額定荷重 (kg) A B C H D R E
2.5,5,10,25 35 31 15 18 5 20 4 × M2.5
50,100,250 40 35 17 20 8 30 4 × M3
500,1t,2t,3t,5t 50 44 22 25 12 40 4 × M4


額定輸出 Rated Output 1.5mV/V
總和誤差 Total Error 0.1%
重現性 Repeatability 0.05%
潛變 Creep 0.05%/20min
輸入阻抗 Input Resistance 430 or 405 ± 25Ω
輸出阻抗 Output Resistance 350 ± 5Ω 
最大輸入電壓 Max. Excitation Voltage 10V
建議輸入電壓 Recommended Excitation Voltage 3-8V
溫度被償範圍 Compensated Temp.Range -10°C~50°C
使用範圍 Safe Temp. Range -20°C~70°C
溫度對零點之影響 Temp. Effect on Zero Balance 0.05%R.O./10°C
溫度對額定輸出之影響 Temp. Effect on Rated Output 0.03%Load/10°C
零點平衡 Zero Balance ±3%R.O.
容許負荷 Safe Overload Rating 150%
導線長度 Cable Length 3m
接線方式 Cable Connection Input:Red(+)Exci : Black(-)Exci
Output:Green(+)Sign White(-)Sign